Education, why does it matter?

11 Oct

To ensure that this blog is not seen as a page only discussing Obama, I have included in this post Mitt Romney’s plan for handling the issue of the high cost of college tuition.  While I support President Obama’s plan at this time, I will also share Romney’s plan as my goal is to educate you, the readers, on every aspect of what is being done by the “possible” leaders of our nation.  Mitt Romney, like Obama, plans to make higher education available to all but using different methods such as restructuring the financial aid system and removing regulation from educational institutions.  I support President Obama’s plan instead of Romney’s because it is my belief that regulation by the federal government is needed to keep opportunities equal for students attending colleges across the country.  However, I am learning as I go and reserve the right to change my position on this issue at any time.

Now that both candidate’s policies are known, I’d like to answer the question, why does higher education matter? It is no secret that jobs are scarce in today’s economy.  For this reason, it makes sense to want to be as competitive as possible in the dwindling job market.  The way to do this is through specialized training or  a two or four-year college degree.  The experience of college itself provides those that attend it with countless opportunities before and after graduation.  Having a college degree increases your chances of employment by 50%! Also, it is predicted that by 2014, 90% of the fastest- growing careers will require post-secondary education. The importance of education is also shown by the fact that those with college degrees most often obtain jobs offering health benefits and retirement plans. The significance of obtaining a college education cannot be denied.  With the Presidential election rapidly approaching, the chosen leader must keep this in mind when determining policies regarding financial aid and student loans.

To see the differences in income for those with a college degree vs. those without, check out this table showing salaries from 1995 to 2010.


3 Responses to “Education, why does it matter?”

  1. befuddlesme October 14, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

    Great facts! Thanks for giving both candidates’ plans for education. Why do you believe regulation by the federal government is necessary for equal opportunities in education?

    • mixedupmind October 15, 2012 at 4:21 am #

      In the history of the United States, whenever there has been an economic crisis, the government has stepped in to fix the problem. For example, when the Great Depression struck the nation, Franklin Delano Roosevelt developed the New Deal to increase employment and stimulate the economy. While the issue of paying for college is not as prevalent as the Great Depression once was, it is not something to be trivial about. For this reason I believe the federal government should be involved in regulating the pricing policies of higher education. Similar to the strategy used during the Great Depression, the federal government should step in and make education available as they made employment available during the Depression. If regulated by the federal government, all colleges and universities will be forced to operate and offer financial aid following the same set of laws (most likely depending on the size of the institution). If equal laws are enacted, equal opportunities will be created as well.

  2. thetexasranger October 15, 2012 at 6:43 pm #

    What does Romney want to do when he lessens government regulations by the federal government? Give the states more power in determining what works for them, just leave the entire system unregulated, or something else? I like how you lay out the importance of obtaining a higher education, and I also feel like making higher education more available will strengthen the country in the long term.

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