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5 Nov

In posting to this blog I have informed you, my followers, about the issues surrounding higher education in the 2012 Presidential Election.  While higher education is an important issue, it is one of many being debated in this year’s election.  To provide you with information and different perspectives regarding these issues, I have listed below links to other blogs concerning one of the topics of the 2012 Presidential Election.

If you have been following the 2012 Presidential Election at all, or have paid attention to any aspect of government and politics recently for that matter, then you have heard the topic of health care come up countless times.  You have also most likely heard debates over what each candidate plans to do for health care in America and more specifically, what they plan to do for women’s health care.  To become more informed about health care reform in general and for women, look no further than 2012 B.C: Better Coverage. The writer of this blog focuses on how women will be impacted by each Presidential candidate’s plan for health care reform in both an informative and comedic manner. The blog posts on this page focus on the “Affordable Care Act”, also known as “Obamacare”, as well as preventative care services offered to women by this act.  The author of the blog simplifies these health care policies for readers by answering frequently asked questions about these confusing policies.  But don’t be fooled by all the talk about President Obama and women on this page, the author also details how men are impacted by Obamacare as well as what Romney and the Republican party plan to do for health care.  2012 B.C.: Better Coverage analyzes the arguments being made in the debate over health care reform and preventative care for women from the perspectives of liberals, conservatives, and religious institutions.  Along with analyzing the different perspectives, the author also provides a post explaining why Americans should care about health care reform and what they have to gain, and lose, in this year’s election. I speak from experience when I say that reading this blog exponentially aided my understanding of health care reform policies in the 2012 Presidential Election.

Throughout my blog posts, I have referred to the economy and the unemployment rate numerous times when discussing higher education and the impact it has on these two concepts. A topic frequently debated among President Obama and Governor Romney is how each of them plan to “fix” the economy by ultimately providing jobs and reducing the unemployment rate.  The author of the blog, Recipe for Success: Fixing the economy one job at a time, focuses on what each candidate has planned to lower the unemployment rate as well as the impact of each of these plans.  The Iron Baker, the author of this blog, simplifies the strategies for fixing the economy by laying them out in the same way a chef prepares his or her ingredients. “Ingredients” discussed in this blog include unemployment benefits, military spending, and government jobs vs. private sector jobs.  The Iron Baker analyzes each of the economic plans proposed by President Obama and Governor Romney by discussing the pros and cons of each.  In showing readers how the economy and unemployment may be impacted depending on who the next President is, the Iron Baker also proposes an economic plan to act as a compromise between the different plans.  In reading this blog, a reader becomes informed not only about what each candidate has planned to create more jobs but why, how, and when they plan to implement their policies.  Recipe for Success provides readers with “food for thought” (pun intended) regarding the economy and the unemployment rate as it is debated in the 2012 Presidential Election.

While higher education, health care, and the economy are all topics important to be informed about considering the amount they are discussed and debated, it’s also important to know about the issues that aren’t in the spotlight.  One such issue is the War on Drugs.  As a young adult, college student, female, American, or however I put it, I have at one time or another been impacted by the presence, use, or selling of drugs in this country.  In fact, nearly all citizens have been impacted by drugs throughout their life in one way or another.  For this reason, I now turn your attention to the blog titled 2012 Election which discusses the War on Drugs. The author of this blog discusses each Presidential candidate’s plan of action for the War on Drugs as well as how the War on Drugs originated.  In reading this blog, a follower learns about how drugs are brought into the US and where the majority of them are coming from, which turns out to be Mexico.  The author of 2012 Election also discusses the hotly debated topic of whether or not marijuana should be legalized. To help readers understand this debate, the author points out the arguments for each side and why marijuana use is often deemed beneficial.  To further their reader’s understanding of the War on Drugs, the author provides an in-depth analysis on the history of this war, the increase of illicit drug use in America, and how this war has an impact in the Presidential election. I recommend reading this blog not only to understand the War on Drugs but also to see how this issue relates to other issues in the election, like immigration.  Not sure if either candidate’s position on the War on Drugs will impact who you vote for? Check out 2012 Election to find out!


Don’t be THAT guy he’s talking about! Get informed! Read these blogs!


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